We combine great design, cutting edge technology and product excellence to bring you to the Nth level.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, keep up with them and envision how they could impact and benefit your business.

We understand it can be difficult to stay ahead of the game and how new innovations could impact and benefit your business. Nth helps you envision the future and the ways in which technology could empower or even shape your whole business.

clients and partners


Moura & Lobo

C-level technology and Innovation


Business, technology and innovation strategy development.


We can help you visualise where technology can meet your business demands and even help shape new structures of teams and processes, while injecting innovation entrepreneurship into the heart of your business.


Whatever is your need, from a short consultancy to analyse your current structure/setup/team, to a longer term accompanied support or a more flexible “CTO-on-demand” service, we’re sure to be able to assist you.


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Blockchain and Solutions Development


Adjusting to any new technology can be challenging and demanding.


Our laser-focused, results-driven, cost optimal, staged development approach will guarantee you the best results given any time or budget constraint.


Our team of specialists means we can quickly bootstrap your idea or project in weeks or even days and then set up a dedicated team to support you with further developments.


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BigData Partnership


BigData is Brazil’s pioneer and leading big data analytics consultancy with multi-national clients across Brazil, US and the UK, leveraging the use of Artificial Intelligence and thousands of variables and machine learning algorithms to generate actionable, atomised insights to predict customer behaviour.


It’s team of Computer Science, Math and Economy PhDs generate cutting-edge, global innovations that are focused on directly impacting Sales and Marketing KPIs to improve clients’ bottom line, BigData “walk the walk” with its customers, on a success-fee-based business model that guarantees true alignment of interests and won’t profit if you don’t.


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Cutting edge technology, made easy. A series of result driven workshops, tailored to specific audiences and needs.


Blockchain your Business

Understand how Blockchain technology could impact your business and how to take advantage of it.

1-day workshop covering from the basics of blockchain, to case studies and workshop sessions on drawing a solution for real business cases.

There’s a massive hype around ICOs, but how do they actually work and how to structure one?

1-day workshop covering all the steps you’ll need to know to setup your own ICO.


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